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About Elite Crowdfunder

Exclusive Pre IPO Deal Flow for High Net Worth Investors


Elite Crowdfunder is an equity Crowdfund platform that delivers Equity Crowdfunding and exclusive pre IPO deal flow for high net worth investors, accredited investors and in soon in 2016 general investors.
Our goals are to become the premier Equity and Debt crowdfund platform that offers more flexibility and more marketing strategies than other platforms.
The Elite team is based in Santa Monica, CA, Chicago, IL and New York, NY. We are seasoned investor relations, marketing, legal and investing professionals who have teamed up to bring a the highest quality investment opportunities in pre IPOs and Equity Crowdfunding.

Equity crowdfunding is poised to revolutionize the way companies are funded and disrupt the traditional private equity, banking and venture capital industries.



Elite Crowdfunder’s mission is to deliver the highest quality and pre-qualified investment opportunities. We only deliver very select and highly desirable opportunities. As a crowdfund platform we want to help bridge the divide between accredited investors and introduce them to exclusive highly desirable and exclusive deals. We believe that companies have a more transparent success rate and investors have a greater opportunity to build quality investments.


Elite Crowdfunder has a vision to help deliver exclusive pre IPO deal flow for high net worth investors. We see the new JOBS act and the opening of the restrictions on Accredited Investors and in the near future general investors. Our platform and elite network is designed offer investment opportunities that were previously unavailable except to a select few . We want to help Accredited and High Net Worth investors find exclusive, highly desirable opportunities. For accredited investors we offer investment opportunities in emerging growth companies through the equity / debt crowdfunding landscape .

Our Approach

Elite Crowdfunder is different than many crowdfund platforms. Elite Crowdfunder seeks out the highest quality deals and offers. We build a reputation on exclusive pre IPO offers in companies. We select only companies after we have done due diligence. Our Elite Crowdfund Platform attracts serious accredited investors who can understand the markets and this new equity crowdfund landscape.  We work with your company on all aspects of your equity crowdfund campaign to ensure the highest success rate.

Elite Crowdfunder Story

Elite Crowdfunder is a team of professional and passionate professionals who are dedicated to the success of equity crowdfund campaigns. Elite Crowdfunder was founded as a way to help equity crowdfunding on an dedicated equity crowdfund platform become more successful. We have approached delivering crowdfunding campaigns with a focus on quality companies that are financially sound investments. Our goal is to deliver well researched highly engaging Crowdfund campaigns to investors.

Elite Membership

Our Elite Crowdfund platform only accepts membership after we have screened sign-ups. We feel that as an Elite Crowdfund Platform our focus is on pre-screened investors and companies. Our Social Eco-System delivers a range of tools and social features that help companies and investor connect. All Membership is free but we only allow serious companies and investors to become part of our network. This is to ensure privacy and security for our membership and eliminate spams, marketers, and general trolls from getting access to your information.



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