Invest in Uber with Elite Crowdfunder

Elite Crowdfunder offers Accredited Investors and soon regular investors thanks to JOBS Act Title IV and  Title III of JOBs act the opportunity to invest in Uber through an exclusive agreement with a Venture Capital Fund.

Elite Crowdfunder will be a unique powerhouse in the equity crowdfunding market as we are working with private and public companies along with our venture capital funds.

Investing in companies like Uber may seem out of reach to many investors who are not in the know. We will be issuing this offer to all Accredited Investors and as soon as Title III of the JOBs act becomes a reality for regular investors, Elite Crowdfunder will also give regular investors the ability to invest in highly desirable companies or “Unicorns”.

Invest in Unicorns

For many investors companies like Uber, Airbnb and Snapchat seem to be untouchable. Elite Crowfunder will offer selected offerings along with other highly appealing offers in equity crowdfunding.

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Elite Investing

Elite Crowdfunder will be offering more unique and highly attractive offers over the coming months. It is our goal to deliver unique opportunities to investors. We will be delivering crowdfunding campaigns that will build momentum quickly.

In 2016 we will be launching new and exclusive offers that will not be available on other equity crowdfund platforms.

Elite Crowdfunders’ team will be attending and engaging in many Investor Conferences in Santa Monica, Chicago and New York from February.

We will be embarking on marketing strategies to help build our visibility and building out our brand in the investing community. We will also be marketing our offers through our marketing division to our over 100,000 Accredited Investor email list.

Companies looking to raise capital on Elite Crowdfunder must meet strict criteria. We offer a selection of services for listing and marketing your offer and as such we deliver full Financial, Compliance and Marketing support.

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