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Elite Crowdfunder Terms Of Service

Read our TOS carefully before using Elite Crowdfunder, since this convention contains compulsory terms and conditions concerning the use of the website and every other sub-domain and website operated by Elite Crowdfunder. By agreeing to use this service, including and not limited to browsing or visiting the website or contributing with information, content or any other types of services or materials, you give your accept to be bound by this convention.

Elite Crowdfunder Service Summary

Elite Crowdfunder is a crowdfund platform where companys run campaigns aimed at funding their projects with the help of the registered and unregistered members of the website. Through the website, E-mail, social media and other platforms the service gives users access to various types of content, including and not limited to projects, scripts, software, text, data, comments, audio clips, graphics, artwork, images, photos and videos, but also copyrightable content. Everyone accessing the website can contribute to it by facilitating, distributing, submitting, uploading, creating, posting, collecting or adding information through user submissions.

Elite Crowdfunder Acceptance of Terms

The Service is offered to everyone who accepts the TOS, but also the Privacy Policy and any other operating procedure, policy or rules that are published by the Company on the Website. Different types of services the Website offers may be subject to different terms and conditions which are imposed by the Company, therefore they must be carefully read and understood prior to using the service.

The TOS can be modified by the Company at any given time, case in which the user will be prompted with a message concerning the updated TOS that he needs to agree with before being able to use the Service again. By continuing to use it, the user accepts the updated TOS.

The Company, at its sole discretion, shall discontinue, suspend or change the Service and any of its features at any given time. Certain services or features may also be prone to various limitations or access restrictions to specific or all users without prior notice or liability.

Anyone can use the Service if they are at least 18 years and are allowed to form binding agreements. In some cases, the Company can request users to prove their legal age and suspend their account until the necessary documents are received and reviewed by our staff. The Company may also decide to change its eligibility criteria at any given time and refuse to offer the Service to any user.

Elite Crowdfunder Rules and Conduct

In order to use the service, users need to respect the TOS and not use it for commercial purposes. Users are responsible for the activity under their account and they should never allow a third party to access it in any way if it:

1. Infringes any right of publicity, copyright, trade secret, trademark or patent and if it violates any contract, law or the right of any entity or individual.

2. Is invasive of another individual’s privacy, profane, offensive, obscene, fraudulent, deceptive, defamatory, harassing, abusive, threatening or unlawful.

3. Sends out unauthorized or unsolicited promotional or advertising materials, including chain letters, spam or junk mail.

4. Contains software or programs that are designed for disrupting, interfering, limiting or damaging the proper function of any telecommunications equipment, hardware or software, but also obtain fraudulent access to sensitive information such as passwords and company data.

The Project Creators (individuals who post projects that need funding) shall not use the users’ personal info for any purposes other than those stated in the project’s description.

Elite Crowdfunder Registration

The Website’s content can be viewed by anyone without registering, but various functions of it require creating an account by selecting a username and a password. Individuals who wish to registry need to provide updated, complete and accurate registration info. If this condition is not met, it constitutes a breach in the TOS which can result in an abrupt termination of their account.

The name of the user’s account should not be that of a project or domain name or that of another user with the intent to impersonate that individual, company or entity. In this case, the Company has the right to annul the user’s account without prior notice at any given time. If users notice any unauthorized usage of their account, they should notify the Company immediately .

Projects: Commerce and Crowdfund

Elite Crowdfunder is a platform where select companies can create a campaign in order to fund their projects by offering various debt / equity  to raise the necessary funds from other individuals. When someone decides to create a campaign on Elite Crowdfunder, the individual (Project Creator) offers the public (Backers) the chance of entering into a contract with him. When Backers decide to invest in a project, they accept the contract formed between them and the Project Creator. Every dealing is made solely between the users and Elite Crowdfunder is not a party to this agreement.

Creating or backing a fundraising campaign on Elite Crowdfunder, users accept to be bound by the whole Agreement as following:

1. When pledging to a campaign, backers agree to provide their payment info at that given time. The amount of money pledged shall be accepted after or before the project’s deadline.

2. The Backer agrees to Elite Crowdfunder and its payment partners the authorization of charging his selected payment method the amount he initially pledged for the campaign.

3. In order to make sure the pledge can be collected, Backers agree that they need to have enough funds at the campaign’s deadline so the money can be successfully collected.

4. During the fundraising campaign, the Backer can cancel, decrease or increase his pledge, but they cannot reduce or cancel their pledge if the campaign is in its final 24h and their cancelation may cause a fund reduction that falls beneath the campaign’s goal.

5. Regardless of campaign, Elite Crowdfunder will offer the Project Creator the pledge amount and user ID information of everyone involved. If the campaign is successful, Elite Crowdfunder will give the Project Creator each user’s name and E-mail address.

Payments and Fees

Joining Elite Crowdfunder is free, but there are various fees imposed for certain services. Before users are charged, they need to review and accept the fee amount they’ll be charged. The user is responsible for paying the fee associated with his select service and any taxes associated with its use.

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